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  • The Teacher:
    A little about me, I am originally from Reunion Island, a small French tropical island where I grew before moving to Australia in my later years. I encountered yoga in Hawaii 4 years ago, where my passion began and I never looked back. I was always intrigued by this practice but could never have imagined just how big the physical and mental rewards were just from regular practice and accessible to all. I am fortunate that most of my yoga journey has been in Hawaii and Bali where people are grounded, in touch with nature and have an ability to disconnect from the outside world and focus on the present, on what matters. Blending modern physiology and spirituality with a nuance of island life give’s my yoga a unique approach to traditional practice. I provide a safe and curious learning environment at a multitude of levels. I strongly believe that we are all students, with something to offer and will continue to be evolving. There is no end result, we keep growing into the practice.
    I look forward to sharing this gift with all,
    Lara Blackman
    “Vibrant Mind, Vibrant Life” How your mind thinks creates everything, bring a new vibrancy into your mind with practical and effective tools to create lasting change.


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