• Temples around Pemuteran

  • Tempels around Pemuteran

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    The Pulaki Temple, Pura Pabean and Pura Segara.
    A trio of temples nestled between the mountains and the sea. Pura Pulaki is the main temple for Pemuteran. It backs up against the hills and is home to a troop of non-threatening monkeys.
    Across the road on grounds bordered the ocean is Pura Pabean, where local fishermen comet pray for safe journeys. This temple exhibits an unusual blend of Balinese and Chinese style decorations.
    At the foot of Pura Pabean, next to the sea is a very basic and much older temple known as Pura Segara. The only decorations here are two piles of stones which appear very aged with a vaguely human shape.
    The Pulaki Temple commemorates the arrival of the Javanese saint-priest Nirartha to Bali in the early 16th centuries. It is said that when Nirartha entered the forest of Pulaki he was escorted by monkeys. As his respect to those monkeys he established the Pulaki temple and the monkeys became its guardian. Legend said that Nirartha had a beautiful daughter, who he later forced to hide at the temple to prevent her abduction by the king. The temple is only 25 meters from the sea with spectacular views. The Cliffs tower behind the temple which is surrounded by jungle.
    The black stone gate of the Pulaki temple was built in 1983. Also the shrines and the ornaments of this sacred Temple are dominated by black color. Pura Pulaki is divided into 3 courtyards. Entering the temple you arrive at the mid court, and from here the glamorous blue of the Javanese sea can be seen clearly framed by the green hills on the right and left side. There are more stairs to climb if you wish to enter the main court where people put their offerings and pray. The main court is not more silent as it should be because the monkeys are hanging out there waiting for the right moment to steal the fruit from the offering! People seem to get used to the monkey and do their prayers with full concentration.

    More spectacular views are available from the upper part of the temple compound, where there is a narrow path that can be a bit slippery during rainy days. Make sure you go through this path when you visit the temple. You’ll be trekking amidst the local corn fields while your eyes get seduced by the picturesque scenery of the ocean and hills, and the sound from the sea is chilling you down on a hot sunny day.
    Balinese belief there is a Special energy where the mountains almost touch the sea. They call it Nyegara Gunung.


    Pemuteran Temple
    On a small side street of the main road in Pemuteran you can find the Pemuteran temple.

    Pemuteran Tempel

    Melanting Temple
    The Melanting temple (temple of trader) from which the traders and businessmen ask for fortune and good luck. Because of its rich, historical architecture and its very special location, this is the best local temple to visit. Dating back to the 15th century, it is located on the slopes of Mount Pulaki and is surrounded by tropical forests and local vineyards. During a visit to the temple you can get a deep spiritual experience and enjoy the natural tranquility of its beauty without the hustle and bustle unfortunately normally associated with visiting other temples. Late afternoon (around 5 pm) is normally the best time to visit.
    Behind the Melanting temple you can find the Puncak Manik temple. A small temple, build around a sacred spring, high up in the hills. You have to climb hundreds of steps, but when you have reached the top are rewarded by a magnificent view.

    Melanting tempel large

    Taman National Bali Barat Hindu Temple

    A small Hindu Temple is one of the unique places that can be seen in Taman National Bali Barat set in the middle of the rain forest and surrounded by green huge plantation. This temple is used by the local Balinese Hindu to pray to the god to get prosperity and protect the forest from bad influence. This temple is often visited by Balinese Hindu on temple festivals.
    Kerta Kawat Temple
    Situated majestically on the foot of a hill, Kerta Kawat temple is a pilgrim place for government or private company officials who want to get an advance in their career Balinese belief that praying at this temple will further increases prosperity. Great views from Kerta Kawat, the views of the blue ocean and the strong green mountains of West Bali National Park is beautiful